Roadhouse Guitar Works is owned and headed up by Mike Grindstaff. Our simple mission is to build truly 1 of a kind guitars crafted 1 at a time the Old School way using routers and templates with top quality parts. With over 1000 builds in circulation and a PHD From the Guitar School of Hard Knocks, we guarantee you a quality guitar unlike any you have ever owned. One that speaks to your soul, your creativity, and your personal style.

Mike's History

Mike G has been building, modding, and maintaining guitars and gear for over 20 years. A classically trained percussionist and self taught guitarist, his passion for music is fueled by The Clash as much as Waylon Jennings, Howlin Wolf or James Brown. As a member of dozens of bands you've probably never heard of,  Mike has held down Guitar, Drum, Bass, and Vocal duties over his 35+ years of performing. His current project is Rocket 77.

Some better known artists who use our guitars are Darrell Bath (The Vibrators / Buzzcocks), Jeremy Edge (Candle Light Red),  Johnny Yeagher ( the Candy Snatchers, Zodiac Panthers, Iron Head), Tommy Gibbons (Flaw, A-Frame, & Ex Guitarist for Tantric), Jakob Morelli (Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Queen Latifah, The Roots),  Steve Ebert (Dash Ten). Hundreds more carry the Mike Gee Kustoms / Roadhouse flag on countless tours, in clubs, & dives across the country and around the world. Roadhouse Guitar Works guitars are in every US State and 52+ foreign Countries.

At Roadhouse Guitar Works we focus on the needs of the "Average Joe" guitarist. Simply put, you should not have to be a trust fund kid to have a cool guitar!

About Roadhouse Guitar Works